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the G+S story

Who is Grace+Scarper

Grace + Scarper was launched into the WA market in 2007. Grace + Scarper is a brand evolving in both design and complexity and strives to offer unique pieces with each collection. Offering pieces that are traditionally handcrafted and that have an understated, laid back, inspired feel. Using only the finest Sterling silver and quality craftsmanship, the distinctive designs embody beautiful wearable jewellery for women who are confident to express their individual style. Grace + Scarper jewellery is designed in our studio in Western Australia. All designs are handmade to order.

Grace+Scarper use only precious metals

Grace + Scarper Jewellery has been created using the finest quality Sterling silver 925. All our 18ct Gold plate and Rose gold plated jewellery is plated over Sterling silver.

Why we use Sterling silver

Sterling sliver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. It’s the perfect metal to use for jewellery making due to its durability and strength. Sterling silver is everlasting.

Why we use 18ct Gold plating

Our Gold plated Sterling silver jewellery is when the Sterling silver pieces have been deposited with a layer of gold. We use the process of plating to attach 18ct gold to Sterling silver. This process will stand up to normal wear. Gold-plate products are a great, quality alternative to the much more expensive solid gold.