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Double 'Charmeleon' bracelet Silver


Double 'Charmeleon' bracelet Silver


Solid Sterling silver bracelet - choose your own charms. Beautiful keepsake piece!



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More about 'Charmeleon'... 

Chameleons are known to change colour, transforming and adapting as a way of social signalling.  Our Charmeleon collection pays respect to this notion in nature, as we transform and evolve through life. A way of enlightening the seven elements of your modern self; beauty, happiness, luck, wisdom, wealth, health and love.  These little promises, add another layer of inner awareness to the G+S Seventh Promise.

The Seven Charms

Beauty - ‘Purity from within’
find perfection in the imperfection. the lotus flower symbolises elegance, purity and grace

Happiness - ‘Move with the wind’ OUT OF STOCK
Enjoy the happiness in simplicity and let the wind carry away any negativity

Luck - ‘Seven more reasons’
lure all seven elements of self into your world with just a little help from lady luck

Wisdom - ‘Queen Bee’
Grow the confidence to share your authentic self.  Your inner wisdom will create something sweet for those around you

Wealth - 'Khamsa’
The wearer of this Hamsa, will be brought power and fortune

Health - 'Talisman’
The evil eye will protect you from misfortune, warding away evil spirits